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photos from the centrefold of the 1989 brochure, some earlier also feature in 1987 brochure.

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1st April 1989

Rusty Bobby Collins Pearl Beverley Braybon
Greaseball Drue Williams Dinah Debbie Wake
Electra Maynard Williams Buffy Caron Cardelle
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Erin Lordan
Rocky 1 Antoni Garfield Henry Belle Shezwae Powell
Rocky 2 K.F.T.D.
Rocky 3 Rory Williams
Flat-top Eddie Kemp
Dustin Danny Metcalfe
C.B. Peter Rees
Others Amanda Abbs Johnny Amobi Jan Apel
Nikki Belsher George Canning Sergio Conivo
John Francis Davies Bob Lee Dysinger Shaun Fernandes
Gary Forbes Eamon Geoghagen Dawn Leigh-Woods
Robert Northwood Sean O'Sullivan Richie Pitts
Lee Proud Mykal Rand Erique Redd
Elizabeth Renihan Darren Ridley Mitch Sebastian
Deborah Leanne Spellman Samantha Sprackling Paul Thompson
Carol Walton Ruth Welby 41 in company

1st October 1989

Rusty Gary Cordice Pearl Kim Leeson
Greaseball Maynard Williams Dinah Beverley Braybon
Electra Mykal Rand Buffy Nola Haynes
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Dawn Buckland?
Rocky 1 Antoni Garfield Henry Belle Alison Therese Limerick
Rocky 2 K.F.T.D. Wrench Samantha Lane
Rocky 3 Rory Williams
Flat-top Jeff Baptista
Dustin Garry Noakes
C.B. Eddie Kemp
Others Stephanie Alimbau Jan Apel Pollyanna Buckingham
George Canning Sylvano Clarke Jacey Collins
John Francis Davies Helen Hayward Jimmy Dee Machin
Rikki Dees Jamie Edgell Shaun Antonio Fernandes
Robert Hardware Stefan Reekie Alfie Marino
Terry Murphy Robert Nurse Sean O'Sullivan
Darryl Paul Benji Smith Carol Walton
Gina White 38 in company

The April cast is definitely accurate, as I have the programme that corresponds to the brochure. However the October casting is hypothetical, based on the previous, and the following casting, and the cast list in the brochure. There was an almost complete re-cast less than half-way through the year of 1989. Possible reasons for this include the second Japan tour, which Bobby Collins was Rusty on, forcing him to be replaced as Rusty in london.
Drue Williams was Greaseball in April 1989, and again in April 1990, however he was not in the October cast list.