Belle's Domain

In 1992, the london production of Starlight Express was completely over-hauled, restructured, and very dramatically changed. The characters or Belle and CB were cut, many songs cut and a few new ones inserted. Personally I think the re-vamp was incredibly destructive and ripped the heart and the mind out of the show.

Rusty Greg Ellis Pearl Reva Rice
Greaseball Maynard Williams/
Mark Walker
Dinah Caron Cardelle
Electra John Partridge Buffy Voyd
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Samantha Lane
Rocky 1 K.F.T.D. Krupp Michael Skyers
Rocky 2 Algernon Williams Wrench Samantha Biddulph
Rocky 3 Rory Williams Purse Marco Ferraro
Flat-top Richard Mylan Volta Lyndi Oliver
Dustin Graham Martin Joule Rebecca Holland
Bobo Stuart Scott Swing Attlee Baptiste
Espresso Craig Cameron Swing Dawn Buckland
Ruhrgold Kevyn Waby Swing Blaise Durr
Turnov Paul Whitaker Swing Melissa Gibson
Nintendo Scott Pattison Swing Elizabeth Kate Hamilton
Prince of Wales Matthew Cutts/
Simon Harrison
Swing Garner Harris
Swing Ralph Holden Swing Ian Mills
Swing Robert Northwood Swing C.Jay Ranger
Swing Robert Yeal 35 in company

Many thanks to Voltabuffy for contributing to this gallery!