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Las Vegas1993

Photos from the brochure - featuring US Tour costumes. All photos are apparently from the original opening night at the Las Vegas Hilton.
It's in some ways a shame they were so punctual in taking the photos, as a couple of months into the run, they had new costumes made, in particular the coaches were re-worked with less than half the fabric involved. Until the second US tour 10 years later, no good photos of these costumes were readily available. The revised designs are very "Vegas"- showgirl costumes, tits and ass. Not anthropomorphic trains as these photos show. These costumes came from the first US tour, which in turn inherited the Broadway costumes in bulk, without the luxury of duplicate or understudy costumes - when touring they apparently had one of each costume.
The Las Vegas production was a Casino show- it ran for 90 minutes without an interval, so the audience would not spend all evening away from the gambling. Obviously it was a pretty heavily edited production. While there was no time for numbers like "There's Me", "Girls' Rolling Stock" or "Wide Smile, High Style", yet there was time for Pearl to have two angsty ballads in the first half of act 1... what I call a Revaism. Reva Rice, as Pearl, was the star of this production, as can be seen by the number of photos of her over anyone else! Reva's name took star billing. Whereas in Bochum Dinah is only marginally smaller a role than Pearl, here she was definitely a secondary character to her Pinkness.
As this production was the direct successor of the US tour, they kept the filmed races from that production. The set was magnificent and complex, with two paddock loops, but without racetracks. They kept the startgate/"bridge" from the tour. After four successful years in Las Vegas, the show was evicted by the Hilton in favour of a massive Star Trek exhibit. It seems as if the show was too popular for its own good, attracting family audiences which weren't good business for the Casino.

Opening 1993 Cast
Rusty Steven Michael Skeels Pearl Reva Rice
Greaseball Rod Weber Dinah Dawn Marie Church
Electra Anthony T. Perry Buffy Edyie Fleming
Poppa Jimmy Lockett Ashley Meera Popkin
Rocky 1 Michael Carl King Krupp Nelson Yee
Rocky 2 David Enriquez Wrench Natasha Rennalls
Rocky 3 Jim Harrison Purse Marvin Engran
Flat-top Andrew A. Currie Volta Anne M. Tiger
Dustin Matthew D. Burns Joule Jennifer Bizik
Caboose T. Robert Pigott Marshall/Gang Todd Lester
Bobo Victor L. Butler Swing Scott Bolt
Espresso C.C. Brown Swing Eddie Marco
Ruhrgold Dan Metcalfe Swing Scott Carlyle
Turnov Jacob Brent Swing Amanda Clarke
Nintendo Bob Lee Dysinger Swing Matthew V. Daugherty
Prince of Wales Steven Kent Dry Swing Madeleine Ehlert
Swing Paul Finocchiaro Swing Kevyn Haile
Swing Elizabeth Holum Swing Chris Lamontagne
Swing Susan Lamontagne Swing Larry Munsey
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