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Starlight Express Cast Recording reviews
Ever wondered what CDs are out there? Want to expand your record collection? Here's my opinions - with handy visual reference!

Race Table
Who races with who, when and where? Each production has their own version of the races. Here's the list.

Songlists (incomplete)
I'll get there... a list of which songs appeared in which productions of the show.

Newspaper articles, etc

Article from Funday Times Theatregoer Magazine
umm... half-dressed Ashley between Lloyd Webber's legs?
Original London Cast Original London Cast
Caricature of Lloyd Webber Lovely plan of the set
Seriously.  WHY?  So not Pearly!
Pre-show publicity Lon Satton and Sam Lane
Cilla Black's "Moment of Truth" 7000th Performance

Images from the margin of an advert for the Japan tour of Starlight Express in 1987.

Observer Magazine
The glossy magazine accompanying the Observer newspaper ran an article on the previews of the original production of Starlight Express. The photos of the early preview costumes are unique!

Debbie Wake as Joule VOYD as Volta Jeff Shankley as Greaseball Jeffrey Daniel as Electra

Images from "Mercedes in Aller Welt" - German Mercedes Magazine, 1985.
Interestingly the second two images are of the later half of the first year of Starlight Express' life, Tom Jobe having replaced Jeffrey Daniel after the first six months. The first two photos are from previews, as were the other images accompanying the article, which were images also published in the 1984 Brochure.

London Previews London Previews Tom Jobe as Electra Tom Jobe as Electra

Advertising Flyer from london, approx. 1991. Obviously "No Comeback" had been cut by this point, with Electra crashing with Greaseball and Caboose.

A Theatrical Record

Six Andrew Lloyd Webber Shows in London - September 1991

Photograph from the "Andrew Lloyd Webber Anthology" sheet music book.

Single releases
When Starlight Express first opened in london, several songs were released as chart singles. Andrew Lloyd Webber was said to have written the whole show deliberately to create chart success. Unfortunately, none of the songs made any impact, despite well-known names singing them. Jeffrey Daniel, who played Electra, was a member of the group "Shalamar" and was a star in his own right. However his single release of AC/DC did not catch the public imagination, despite this stunning cover art.

Closing in london

UK Tour

UK tour - Press conference in Sunderland
(Bonus! includes costume rant!)

Publicity in Books

Us Fans in the News

not a great photo!
Article on the young Thingywot 2002 2002 - a month later

Closing in London
Sutton Comet Sutton Guardian Telegraph Evening Standard