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Costume Photos

Photos taken by Rob Grose- March 2001
I can't remember WHY now, but for some reason Rob took pics on a little disposable camera, when most of the rest of the backstage pics were taken on my APS camera (If that means anything to you...) So these came out different..

Richard Ray-Allen does his makeup Dustin Dubreuil painted as Espresso Michael Skyers in the middle of saying something
Flat-top notices the camera! Chellie Michaels as Buffy Michael skyers with the rest of his costume on
Half Dinah Martin Matthias relaxing Kate Alexander as Wrench
Gabrielle Noble as Volta Everyone wants to see what Pearl's got Michael Skyers Rocky 1
Leyla Pelligrini Rocky 3 shows his muscles Marissa dunlop and Leo Bidwell...  so cute, they've since got married!
what's Flat-Top looking at? backstage Joule's wig is loose
Trevor M-G as Poppa Scary Poptart Wrench- Sarah dickens?