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The Sims 2
The game The Sims 2 has really lovely graphics, and it's very easy to make your own outfits to play in the game. It's fairly limited, in that you cannot alter the outline of the garments, the "mesh" is fixed. So, to re-create stage costumes is a bit tricky. Consequently, most of these have a certain amount of adaption to make them work within the game. I've tried to capture the essence of each character.
Click on the picture to download those characters! Once downloaded, un-zip the zip file, then double-click on each package to install it. you MUST have the Sims 2 to do anything with these files!

Starlight Express

Complete Wardrobes
Dinah's nightie! Purse's undies! Buffy's workout outfit! Complete outfits for the Starlight characters.


We Will Rock You
Galileo and Scaramouche as adults Teenage versions
yeah, they think *I'M* a lesbian because I don't wear pastels...