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Costume Photos

Photos taken by Sandy Rass?- 1994/95
These pics were kindly donated to this site! I can't honestly say these are my favourite london costume designs (in fact, they're probably my least favourite in general) But the pics are GREAT!

Debbie Spellman C Jay Ranger and Sandy Rass- serious makeup competition! Claudia Bradley and Tony Rouse (pre divorce)
Components 94 opening night Dale Branston- Ruhrgold Late Caron Cardelle
Julian Essex Spurrier (with clothes on for a change) as Espresso Lyndi Oliver- Best Volta by far and stunning too Marco Ferraro- after 4 years you'd think he'd know it
Nat Powers as Buffy Paul Aloysius- Demented Loony P. T. as Crazy disco GB's Gang
Sandy Rass Sandy Rass- So pretty with or without the wig Sandy Rass
Debbie Spellman Paul Baker- Cheery as Ever KFTD as Rocky 1 and the lovely Julie McKenna as Poptart Wrench