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UK tour 2004/2005

Reviews - By Belle.
First Night, Monday 1st November 2004
Bristol Review, Weds. 23rd February 2005
Oxford Review, Saturday 26th March 2005
Southampton Review, Wednesday 25th May, 2005

Skate Expectations! (Sunderland Echo)

Southampton Tickets and seating - as an example
Price list for Southampton
Seating Plan - Stalls
Seating Plan - Circle

Brochure published January 2005.
When I received this brochure, I was pleasantly surprised by its rather stylish cover, and high quality of photographs. The trademark Dewynters scribbling all over the photos was there (I photoshopped most of it out tho) but the actual photos are very high quality. There's even a photo credit- these images were taken by Brinkhoff/Mogenburg. Brinkhoff is a familiar name, being credited for many of the german production photos. Well, that explains the quality!

Who's Who

Rusty -
James Gillan
Poppa -
Anton Stephens
Greaseball -
Tom Kanavan
Electra -
Mykal Rand
Pearl -
Jane Horn
Dinah -
Tanya Robb
Ashley -
Amy Field
Buffy -
Ashley Hale

Rocky/Hopper 1 -
Johnny Shentall
Rocky/Hopper 2 -
Tyman Boatwright
Rocky/Hopper 3 -
Craig McDermott
Flat Top -
Paul Christopher
Dustin -
Gavin Ashbarry
Caboose -
Grant Murphy

Joule -
Danielle-Leigh Morris
Volta -
Lauren Brooke
Wrench -
Ruthie Stephens
Purse -
Matthew Boulton

Turnov -
Chris Thatcher
Ruhrgold -
Jake Samuels
Nintendo -
Philippe Reynolds
Princey/Trax 2 -
Adam Floyd
Trax -
Matt King

Swing 1 -
Andrew Millar
Swing 2 -
Jamie Capewell
Swing 3 -
Tony Andrade
Swing 4 -
Lucinda Gill
Swing 5 -
Carla Pullen
Swing 6 -
James Marshall

Various adverts for the tour
A fine range of irrelevant images. two characters here aren't even IN the tour!
Touring cast on the promo material!
New for Bristol
Close-up of new image