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Starlight Express

Milton Keynes Review, Friday 17th March, 2006

UK tour 2006
Brochure published May 2006.
Ahh, it's a cruel irony... All these gorgeous photos, yet the costumes are so disappointing. Not criticising the cast - it's not like they get to choose their costume designs!


Rusty Oliver Rhoe Thornton Pearl Miria Parvin (site)
Greaseball Tom Kanavan Dinah Lucy Jane Adcock
Electra Mykal Rand Buffy Alexandra Gottschall (site)
Poppa Michael Samuels Ashley Amy Thornton
Hopper 1 Robert Nurse Joule Holly James
Hopper 2 Carlton Connell Wrench Bekki Carpenter
Hopper 3 Tony Andrade Purse Ben Draper
Flat-top Adam Ellis Volta Rebecca Lisewski
Dustin Gavin Ashbarry Swing/Skate Captain Andrew Millar
Caboose Stuart Armfield Swing/Dance Captain Leyla Pelligrini
Trax 1 Matt King (site)
Ruhrgold Ryan Dixon Swing Melanie Cripps
Turnov James Marin Swing Jamie Capewell
Nintendo Tim Driesen (site) Swing James Marshall
Prince of Wales Gareth Davis Swing Lee Lomas

First onstage - Ruhrgold and flag-bearer Turnov and Trax (making himself useful) Baggy Nintendo
Princey makes it eventually Trax - look ma, no ground! grr, they're so mean
The girls Sulky is sexy, Buffy!  play along! STOP!  You're not sufficiently fabulous to pass!
Ohh, they're all so shiny... this is what the pics look like, un-edited. He's so beautiful...
Different Ashley costume?  Little too long in the body for her? Somehow, Flat-top was not impressed. Pearl's getting a headache...
Flying Hopper! Falling- and splat! So Bold, so Brave, so Manly... Emergency! Get Electra some hair gel!!!
Nyawwww, cute She's got a bigger quiff than Greaseball! Caboose...  baggy.. lycra...  ow...
pretty dancers Front cover of the brochure

Who's Who

Miria Parvin Lucy-Jane Adcock Alexandra Gottschall Amy Thornton
Oliver Rhoe Thornton Tom Kanavan Mykal Rand Michael Samuels
Robert Nurse Carlton Connell Tony Andrade
Adam Ellis Gavin Ashbarry Stuart Armfield
Ben Draper Bekki Carpenter Holly James Rebecca Lisewski
Ryan Dixon James Marin Tim Driesen Gareth Davis
Matt King