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Starlight Express

UK tour 2012
Brochure published (unknown month) 2012.
Well, this Brochure has an interestingly retro feel to it. Takes me right back to the 1990s, with the Dewynters facts and figures first published around 1998, the 1998 London photoshoot including the london designs and Espresso, the silhouette figures that came out in 2000, and of course the old logo... And the print quality, printing errors, over-exposed images just like the 1999 London brochure. A couple more pictures than that one, at least.
A lot of the text boxes here are somewhat inaccurate. Hoppers are not part of Greaseball's Gang, last I checked Wrench was a Repair Truck not a Tool Car... Red Caboose does exist in this production! It's such a shame this souvenir brochure is so lacklustre, the cast deserve a better write-up. It compares poorly to the last tour, which did have a series of really nice brochures. While I think the 2012 UK Tour is a step up on its predecessor, this publication is a let down.
Also, please pardon my pedantic self, but in the "CAST AND CREW" page, I'm amused that "ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT ERIC RICHMOND" is on a page where, unless Eric Richmond has been photographing the show since the mid 1990s, none of his work features.


Rusty Kristofer Harding Pearl Amanda Coutts
Greaseball Jamie Capewell Dinah Ruthie Stephens
Electra Mykal Rand Buffy Camilla Hardy
Poppa Lothair Eaton Duvay Kelsey Cobban
Hopper 1 Robert Nurse Joule Lisa Dahmane
Hopper 2 Lex Milczarek Wrench Sarah Riches
Hopper 3 Glenn Robb Purse Adam Illsley
Flat-top James Marshall Volta Louise Lenihan
Dustin Gavin Ashbarry
Caboose Stuart Armfield Voice of Control Georgina Hagen
Trax Matt King Swing Tony Andrade
Ruhrgold Kris Manuel Swing Samantha Foker
Turnov Andy Barke Swing Aaron Piper
Nintendo Nick Bower Swing Darryl Paul Saunders
Prince of Wales Tristan Adams Swing Kerry Stammers

These facts and figures mainly date from approx 1998, I believe.

Brochure centrefold here... is ummm... actually the awesome Gareth Bretherton from the German production!