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US Tour1989

The US tour (11/89- of Starlight Express was completely unlike its contemporary second Japanese tour. Rather than scaling the show up to fill stadiums, the set was small enough to fit regular regional theatres. The races were mostly on film- with the racers zooming out to circle the stage from behind the screen occasionally. The tour was a direct development from the Broadway production, inheriting some of the cast, as well as costumes. The set was obviously very restricted by the necessities of tour, but they did manage a small loop of track into the audience, and a bridge/start gate that wouldn't look out of place washing windows on an office block!

Rusty Sean McDermott Pearl Reva Rice
Greaseball Ron Devito Dinah Dawn Marie Church
Electra Eric Clausell Buffy Nicole Picard
Poppa Jimmy Lockett Ashley Rachelle Rak
Rocky 1 Ronald Gaza Krupp Nelson Yee
Rocky 2 Dwight Toppin Wrench Renee Lynette Chambers
Rocky 3 Angel Vargas Purse Jamie
Flat-top Dennis Courtney Volta Kimberly A Gladman
Dustin Anthony Marciona
(then) Steve K. Dry
Joule Angela Pupello
Red Caboose Todd Lester
Bobo Peter Liciaga Swing Steve Kadel
Espresso Steven Cates Swing Bobby Love
Weltschaft Steven M Schultz Swing Rick Mujica
Turnov Preston Simpson Swing Meera Popkin
Hashamoto Glenn Shiroma Swing Jeanna Schweppe
Swing Fred Tallaksen Swing Matt Terry
Swing Chera Wilson 32 in Company

Diagram of the US tour set, from the contrmporary Japan tour program, and the US Tour route.