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US Tour2003

Photoshoot of the most unlikely train combinations.  Which lucky girl gets two engines?

Feb. 29th (I love leap year!) 2004- Yesterday my sister found the US tour brochure onsale in Dress Circle, and today we've scanned and coded it. It's certainly an interesting collection of pictures! Not having seen the production, I can only really comment on the set and costume design shown here... I've heard many good things about this cast, but the overall production I feel has some weak points, ie. "Hip Hoppers"? how cringeworthy. And can anyone point out Trax in these photos?

Back cover of Brochure Front cover of Brochure GB's Grand Entrance
*wave back at caboose* Those ponents are so cool.... Electra goes SPARKY!  Poor Krupp's at home, minding the cats.
The oh-so-shiny Dustin Dubreuil.  Gorgeous makeup for close-ups That floorwork in Pumping Iron is evil. Man, I am SO BEAUTIFUL!
Girls simper and pose Are three versions of the same shot necessary in a single publication? Clarissa Grace, soul-searching singing.  Padding inside her shoulderpads?
Dustin Dubreuil, as Electra, is much taller than Pearl. Poppa The ever-gorgeous Drue Williams.  Nice costume detail in studs on the under-side of his shoulders
SOMEONE give that girl some clothes? The lyrics have no correlation to the image. Hip Hopper.  no. 3, I believe.  See, he's a hopper...  and he's 'hip'...  don't people realise that word went out YEARS ago?  Austin Powers speech!  Do love the composition of this photo tho.
They're Rockies in fancy dress. Are they rejects from the local Rocky Horror convention?  A certain naive charm, but no MUSCLE! End of the Rap.  Hwuh.  Now, StEx costume convention says that the bare grey metal riveted together is the train equivalent of flesh.  These boys have got a major skin problem going on here!
Dinah singing ...'A.R.D!' Girl's Rolling Stock, apparently cut in later tour dates. Buffy and Ashley do get to do stuff in the show.
Dinah's meant to be young and innocent, she shouldn't even know what a Brazillian IS!  let alone wear clothes that reveal it. 'Tis a GEEEEN train! Bless, happy little Rusty
One Rock'n'Roll Too Many Cheese-tastic. 'simper' 'gooo'
I LOVE her expression in this one I'm trying not to point out how tall Dustin Dubreuil is in relation to everyone else...  oops. Lookit, pretty lights...
Bless ickle Ashley! don't even think about what Flat-top's about to do Greaseball and gang
Smile for the camera, girls! squeeze into shot, Ash! Red Caboose.  No, nothing wrong, no history of mental instability, what could give you that idea?