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Broadway, New York1987

Broadway was the second production of Starlight Express to open, a good three years after the original London production. The show was completely over-hauled- new costume designs, lots of new songs - "Engine of Love", "Make Up My Heart", and the Rap was exchanged for "Silver Dollar". The show opened with "Entry of the Nationals", not the overture into Rolling Stock. The story wasn't about racing to win the championship, the whole motivation was the prize of the Silver Dollar. The race structure was changed- rather than having three heats, three engines, each winner in the final, on Broadway they introduced the structure of 4 engines in each heat, 2 heats, 2 engines from each in the final.

Due to the proportions of the theatre, the set could not extend into the auditorium as it did in london, but they did have a very wide and high stage to fill. So, the race tracks spiralled up and up and around within the proscenium arch. Unfortunately, while their bridge looked magnificent, the engineering was flawed and after a few months, had been damaged beyond repair - it was permanently placed in one position and left there! It seems this did not hinder the races, however. The set was far more decorated than London, with scenes of America and place names giving a sense of location to each part of the track.

"Songs from Starlight Express" music book
Rusty Greg Mowry Pearl Reva Rice
Greaseball Robert Torti Dinah Jane Krakowski
Electra Ken Ard Buffy Jamie Beth Chandler
Poppa Steve Fowler Ashley Andrea McArdle
Rocky 1 Frank Mastrocola Krupp Joey McKneeley
Rocky 2 Sean Grant Wrench Christina Youngman
Rocky 3 Ronald Garza Purse Gordon Owens
Rocky 4 Angel Vargas Joule Nicole Picard
Flat-top Todd Lester Volta Mary Ann Lamb
Dustin Michael Scott Gregory
Caboose Barry K. Bernal Belle Janet Williams Adderley
Bobo A.C. Ciulla Swing Michael Demby Cain
Espresso Philip Clayton Swing Mark Frawley
Weltschaft Michael Berglund Swing Anthony Galde
Turnov William Christopher Frey Swing Lola Knox
Hashamoto D. Michael Heath Swing Christine Langner
Prince of Wales Sean McDermott Swing Ron Morgan
Swing Amelia Prentice Swing Jennifer Prescott
Swing Danny Strayhorn Swing Dwight Toppin
Swing Broderick Wilson 38 in Company

1987 Broadway Souvenir Brochure
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