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Turnov the Russian Engine.
Hard-racing, heavy-drinking, serious and motivated, Turnov lives to win. He is dedicated to racing. And drinking. But racing first.
When the German show first opened, a lot of cold-war anti-communism sentiment was read into the fact the the RUSSIAN engine raced with the EVIL, RED caboose. Red communism, evil red, paired with the Russian... yeah. This is a musical about roller skating trains in a child's dream.Who knows? Perhaps Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber did intend for the political undercurrent to accompany the character... it is interesting to note that in the late 1990s the golden hammer and sickle motif on his armour was painted over red. Being in relief it was still kinda obvious, but they did try to disguise it.
In London, Turnov's natural partner was the equally aggressive and businesslike Wrench. Somehow the two characters really suit each other. In Bochum he starts racing with Caboose, but quickly he is disabled and Caboose throws Volta off Hashamoto and takes her place. In the US/UK 3D video races, he races with Ashley.
UK Tour, 2005

James Marin


Disgraceful behaviour! Dustin Dubreuil
Graham Harvey, US tour 2003 Ken Romero, Bochum
Allen Hidalgo, Japan/Australia Tour 1987 Terry Murphy, Japan/Australia Tour 1987
Ikuo Hirata, Japan Tour 1990 Vladimir - Nobuhito Sato, Japan Tour 1990
Ryan Wolfson, Bochum

Bochum Turnov 1988
Bochum Turnov 1990
Bochum Turnov 1993
Jacob Brent, yes, Jacob Brent! Las Vegas, 1993
Bochum Turnov 1994



Turnov and Wrench chasing Poppa and Dustin, heat 3.  London 1984 London 1992 London 1992
London 1995 London 1996 London 1998
London 1999

Japan/Australia Tours

Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Dramatic red lighting, Japan/Australia Tour, 1987
Racing with Caboose, Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Japan Tour, 1990 Japan Tour, 1990

U.S. Productions

Broadway, 1987 US Tour, 1989 Las Vegas, 1993
US Tour, 2003 US Tour, 2003

UK Tour


Bochum, 1988 Bochum, 1989 Bochum, 1994
Bochum, 1998 Bochum, 2004 Bochum, 2006
Bochum, 2006

Costume design for London production Turnov