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We Will Rock You

Stage Door pics taken during the matinee, 5th October 2002.
Well, if the cast members are daft enough to smoke, then they deserve the cameras in their faces!

Note: This was a dumb stunt by us. We got away with it the once, but not again. Don't try it at home, kids, or you'll also get in trouble!
Hannah, looking at portrait Hannah with her portrait by catgirl Hannah signing a pic by catgirl
The yes-things on their fag-break The yes-things Golda as a yes-thing
down, boys... Mr. Facial-Hair-Man And that's what the back of the yes-things' jackets look like
real undercover disguise... he's so fast must be the cutest secret policeman out there
The Bohemians- Big Macca and Jackson Five Nicotine! Nicotine! Jackson Five
Golda as hairless Aretha